The Wizard

Escape Room The Wizard


A mysterious potion is the object of your desire; nothing less than the elixir of life! Secretly, you enter into the dwelling of a powerful magician.

Perfectly the host is out for his daily herb search; but just for one hour.

If he catches you he is not sympathetic to unwelcome guests; at best he turns you into frogs or even worse.

10+ Age
2-6 Players
60 Time
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Dear EscapeGame friends!

Finally, our booking system is open again. Our first room "The wizard" is already prepared and soon we will open "Tutanchamuns revenge" for you.

Because of the current situation, there are some rules for your and our safety. You can read them at the FAQ's.

We're very happy to welcome you after all this time and wish you a fantastic adventure.

Your EscapeGame team